Feeding the right input in the variables in the monthly sales

I can't figure out what to feed the variables with in order to get a response. The start- and end-date should be of the form yyyy-mm, but what should I feed the other variables? And how do I get the data from the month of January? By putting "2020-01" in start date and "2020-01" in end date?


    This is not an issue. The api is working, and you should be able to read the json documentation and test accordingly. Try GET https://apis.vinmonopolet.no/products/v0/monthly-sales-per-store?fromSalesMonth=2020-01&Subscription-Key=(your_subr_key)
    Regards, Vinmonopolet
    Posted by Hidden Thu, 17 Sep 2020 09:15:31 GMT

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